Genius Aircon Engineering

We are certified Air Conditioner Installer

“Genius Aircon Engineering has left lasting impressions for our efficient and effective services. It’s because our technician is professional in all kind of air conditioning system, we will make sure overservice is good and excellent ”

  • Our Team

    Our team features ingenious professional technicians who are experienced in all of air conditioning systems.

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  • Cleaning and Checking Air Filter

    In general, service and check every 3 months and every month for commercial air conditioner. The duration varies with

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  • Checking bio-pure

    We provide a full range of air con service. Please call us for further information by contacting our hotline 6527 6038 / 9191 7247

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  • Checking Condenser Coil

    Do we need to service the condenser? If , yes how often? You need to service the condenser (outdoor air conditioning unit)

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They make sure your aircon is real clean....Good Service :) Happy client....will be back for sure !
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